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Thank You For Subscribing: SB Nation YouTube Channel

One of the many things we learned from the reader survey is that many of you don't take advantage of the full SB Nation experience (your undying attention and devotion to BSD is greatly appreciated, of course). So you may not know that SB Nation is launching a YouTube channel which will feature all sorts of new content, including professionally produced content starring Bomani Jones, Amy K. Nelson, and the following, starring's college football editor Jason Kirk and EDSBS' Spencer Hall:

The channel will also host other shows featuring talented and hilarious personalities like Matt Ufford (With Leather) and Dan Rubenstein (Solid Verbal).

Finally, there will be individual team reports from more than 100 bloggers from across the SB Nation Network, including Black Shoe Diaries. Our reports will not be professional in any respect, and are highly likely to resemble this:

I might not even be joking about that.

The channel officially launches on Thursday, but you can SUBSCRIBE NOW to be sure you never miss a single video. Also, follow @SBNStudios for updates.