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Success With Hyperlinking Preaches Elevator Safety

Not A Total Disaster, Then? State Patty's Day arrests were down, you guys! So that's good news and all, but the weekend wasn't without its finer moments:

  • Thirteen people got in an elevator car together, jumped in unison and jammed the elevator, police said. It happened at 2:14 p.m. Saturday at 309 E. Beaver Ave., the Alexander Court building, a police report shows. All 13 people will face criminal charges for damages to the elevator, police said.
  • An out-of-town visitor, Dominick Petrella, 19, trespassed in an apartment at 140 E. College Ave. at 5 p.m. Saturday, police said. Completely uninvited, Petrella walked into the residence, locked himself in a bathroom and passed out on a toilet, according to a police report. He was arrested for criminal trespass, a felony.

So, great success!

Justice Delayed Is Justice Deni...Well, It's Just How This Works. Jerry Sandusky has asked for a two-month delay of his trial. Prosecutors apparently don't object.

Confidence. He Has It. Devon Still declared himself the best defensive tackle in the upcoming NFL Draft. You tell him he's wrong.

Lacrosse's Four Corners. Yesterday, Kyle mentioned that Penn State upset #2 Notre Dame 4-3 in overtime. Rather low scoring, and SB Nation's In Lax We Trust noticed:

Penn State got eight stall warnings in the game. Eight. That is also a problem. Nothing wrong with the way Penn State played, it is within the rules and they found a way to beat a Top Ten team in Notre Dame. But this is another piece of proof that we need an NCAA shot clock.

MLL games are much higher scoring than NCAA. They have a shot clock. I would much rather watch an MLL game than an NCAA game, and that might be why. But I want your thoughts, and we won't beat this to death. Do you want an NCAA shot clock?

Also Receiving Votes. The former Nittany Lions at the NFL Combine reflect on how things went sour last November.