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PLAYOFFS?! Jim Delany Once Again Sets the College Football Offseason on Fire

Just as he did so perfectly last offseason, Jim Delany and the Big Ten are at it again.

The concept of the Big Ten even entertaining playoff proposals seemed laughable as recently as two months ago. But in the wake of a low-rated BCS title game that satisfied few outside the Southeastern Conference footprint, the conference is ready to study and contribute ideas.

So what're the goodies that leaked to Teddy and the Tribune?

"...a Big Ten plan would remove the top four teams from the BCS bowl pool and have semifinal games played on the college campus of the higher seed. That would do away with the facade of "neutral" sites such as New Orleans, Miami and Pasadena, Calif..."

That's the big one, which is also drawing howls from those outside the Big Ten that the plan would [gasp!] favor the Big Ten. It's comical. But it's not unreasonable to say that it would favor the Big Ten, even though it would favor pretty much everyone outside the old Confederacy and Southern Cal. It's totally hysterical that we're hearing operatives from the SEC, Big XII and others act as if their conference bowl teams haven't had it made for 100 years now.

Over the last seven seasons, the Big Ten has played 21 bowls in the opposing team's home state. Compare that to the SEC, which has played a grand total of two bowl games in the opposing team's home state.

Keep that in mind while you read yet another article saying how the Big Ten is being selfish, yet simultaneously ignoring how absurdly weighted the bowl system is toward Southern/Texan/Californian teams.

Moving on.

Two more (and much more likely to happen) points to come out of the Tribune article:

Instituting a 7-win requirement for bowl eligibility. Well, duh. It's pathetic how diluted the bowl season has become now that we're forced to accept two 6-6 mid-majors having it out the weekend before Christmas. Granted, some 7-5 teams aren't much better. But at least it would prevent bowl teams that finish 6-8.

Moving the BCS Championship Game closer to New Years Day. Did I already say "duh"? Not only did I watch about 5 minutes of this year's monstrosity of a "title game," but I honestly can't say I would have been much more gung-ho about it even with different teams. It's because no one is thinking about college football after January 3rd or so. The 5th is pushing it enough. But a full 10 days after the traditional "big day" for bowl games? That's not going to sell.

Your thoughts?

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