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It's Time for Spring Football 2012!

Break out the red jerseys, 'cause it's spring football yo!
Break out the red jerseys, 'cause it's spring football yo!

We're back. And it's time for the most over-hyped segment of the college football year: Spring Football. Of course, in a more narrow sense, spring scrimmages are really the most over-hyped single part of the year. We all try to make far-reaching and definitive declarations of "what it means" for the team's prospects in the fall. But everyone knows that everything changes from March to September. It's still fun, though, not to mention our only oasis of actual football in the desolate sea of college football downtime from January to August.

The BSD staff will begin our spring football coverage next week, running through the week following the Blue White Game on April 21. Today we're giving you a, uh, preview of the preview. Join me below the fold for more of what's to come over the next month and a half at BSD.

March 12-29, Opposing Team "Spring Snapshots"

These will be relatively brief looks into each of Penn State's 12 regular-season opponents, and run Monday through Thursday each week, beginning with Ohio on March 12. We will run down the recruiting class, previous season's results, key players lost/returning, and a few other notes. For a few of these teams, it will be the first time you'll ever care so much about a 2nd-string MAC quarterback.

April 2-5, Penn State Spring Practice Primer Week

This will be a slew of preview/discussion posts from members of the BSD staff. You'll get thoughts on the positives and negatives heading into spring ball, a podcast, and even an old-fashioned roundtable.

April 9-20, Penn State Spring Position Previews

You know the drill for these. The BSD staff will take one position or position group and examine where Penn State stands as spring practice is in full swing. This will be a Monday-to-Friday series, right up to the day before the Blue White Game, when we wrap up the full depth chart and get your take on the team.

April 21, Blue White Game Day

Maybe you'll catch some of your BSD brethren in the lots, in the stands or on the sidelines. We'll also have a quick game recap after the game. And depending on a few things, there might be a surprise or two.

April 23-27, Blue White Game & Spring Practice Reactions/Wrap

The BSD staff will turn out individual opinion pieces, analyses, a podcast, and group posts like roundtables reviewing the spring practice season for Penn State. And at the end of the week, we'll re-gauge your opinions of the team as it enters the summer down period.

We hope you'll join us over the next few weeks. It's going to be fun. Then again, football is always fun, with or without BSD. We just make it better.

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