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Devon Edwards Commits to Black Shoe Diaries

While we don't have any sirens this time around, so as not to get your hopes up during a very strong run for Penn State football recruiting, Black Shoe Diaries is proud to announce the addition of Devon Edwards to the staff. Edwards will be helping out with football, basketball, on-site access (for a little bit, at least), and anything else we can throw at him.

You may know him from his work at Nittany Whiteout and Onward State. Or perhaps from this little kerfuffle, which we addressed at length here.

Devon on Devon, after the jump. Welcome to the team, Devon.

For four long years, Devon has looked up at Black Shoe Diaries like Ariel prizing the surface in The Little Mermaid, hoping that one day, he could become part of that world. Though BSD has taken a number of different incarnations since he first "committed" to Penn State back in 2008, Devon has always admired the content, platform, and community that it’s been building for years. Now, with his goal finally accomplished, Devon could not be more proud to be joining the talented and dynamic staff already in place.

Devon has been around the block as an established veteran of the Penn State media scene; writing for The Daily Collegian back when he was a freshman and thought it mattered, and blogging for Nittany WhiteOut for the better part of three years. During his time with Nittany WhiteOut, Devon sat up in the press box for football games--enjoying the free food--and asked questions to coaches and players in the post-game press conferences. Why mention this? Oh, no reason.

For the past year and change, he’s been a staff member at Onward State, where his focus has shifted from blogging about sports towards writing about student news. Over that time frame, you could hear him calling the occasional basketball and football game for the student radio station WKPS, where he also hosts Thursday’s Sports Blitz.

As far as his journey from Long Island to Central Pennsylvania goes, Devon can’t really boast that it was his lifelong dream to attend Penn State. He’s the first Nittany Lion in his family--unless you count his uncle who went to med school at Penn State Hershey, and Devon certainly doesn’t. But after visiting State College for the first time, Devon realized that he had found his home. Since that day, he’s made it his mission to make up for lost time, eating, breathing, and sleeping all things Penn State.

After Devon graduates in May with degrees in political science and sociology, he’ll fill the role vacated by Pete as BSD’s resident self-loathing law student, though he doesn’t promise to do it nearly as well. He’s very happy that he doesn’t have to give up his voice to an evil octopus in order to join the staff.

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