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Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: Dead Horses, And The Art Of Public Relations

The podcast returns with a deluxe two-part edition. The first half is a discussion of BOB and the BOBettes, as they emerge from the massive shadow of Joe Paterno and attempt to recruit in the Age Of That Thing. We also talk about the big news of yesterday -- the mind-blowing decision by the Board of Trustees to release the "Oh, in case you didn't remember, here's why we fired Paterno and Graham Spanier" statement on the day of Jerry Sandusky's pre-trial hearing.

The second half will be coming soon, and is a 30-minute session of mostly serious responses to your partially serious questions.

Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, right-click and download at the link below, or just use the media player. In the words of the great American urban philosopher, Gregory E. Jacobs, doowutchyalike.

BSD Podcast - Dead Horses Couldn't Drag Us Away

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