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Last Chance At Glory: $5,000,000 For Your Perfect Bracket

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$5,000,000.  Fab Melo's going to spend his on a tutorLOL NOT REALLY YOU GUYS.
$5,000,000. Fab Melo's going to spend his on a tutorLOL NOT REALLY YOU GUYS.

Here's your last reminder to take your shot at $5,000,000 in Yahoo's Perfect Bracket contest (or the consolation prize of $10,000 for the Best Bracket). What are your chances of picking the perfect bracket? Well, not good. Not good at all:

Fisher ran the numbers and said your chances of choosing every winner from here on out are incredibly slim. In fact, your chances of winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning are far better.

"If you picked a perfect bracket, this is how many possible brackets now that the tournament has been decided, there's this many possibilities roughly 147 quintillion. Quintillion which is a billion billions," Fisher said.

Which, WHATEVER NERD. My chance of winning Powerball isn't great either, and they charge me two dollars for that privilege.

While we're here, don't forget to sign up for BSD's bracket challenge (also at Yahoo!, password is bigmac). The winner will receive NOTHING. That's why you should enter the Yahoo contest. Thanks to them for sponsoring BSD and SB Nation sites everywhere.

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