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Former Nits Work out at Pro Day, Bill O'Brien Speaks on 2012 Lions

Penn State's Pro Day brought together a number of former Penn State football players, who came to Holuba Hall to try and impress the scouts, to improve their draft stock, and to prove that they could play in the NFL. In addition to this year's graduating class, from the sure-fire first rounder Devon Still to those who'll be lucky to catch on as undrafted free agents, some Nittany Lions who graduated in past years like Daryll Clark, Tony Hunt, Jay Alford, and Maurice Evans showed up to work out. And Jared Odrick dropped by to offer some moral support.

Not all the players made themselves available to the media after their workouts--nor do we have all the numbers from Pro Day yet--but I was able to join the media contingent and speak to a handful of players, as well as Coach O'Brien, who talked at length about recruiting, Penn State's new strength and conditioning program, and where his roster stands.

After the jump, you'll find information on players' Pro Day results, as well as an update on Penn State's pursuit of Danny O'Brien, and news about players who've switched positions. We've also got a semi-exclusive video of Jack Crawford, so what are you waiting for?