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Success With Hyperlinking Is Putting On A Show

Nov. 12, 2011. Devon Still (71) claps after a big play. Penn State fell to Nebraska, 17-14, in Beaver Stadium. (<a href="" target="new">BSD/Mike Pettigano</a>)
Nov. 12, 2011. Devon Still (71) claps after a big play. Penn State fell to Nebraska, 17-14, in Beaver Stadium. (BSD/Mike Pettigano)

While Mr. Grovich is gallivanting around a small Caribbean island nation (for tax purposes, we cannot disclose his location), the rest of us are forced to work tirelessly to keep BSD running smoothly. And if we don't see smuggled bottles of tequila upon his return, expect a strike. This isn't Nam, there are rules.

In NFL Combine Numbers News. Fight on State has your empirical data, with which you may use as ammo at your local watering hole this weekend when debating the proper placement for Devon Still in the latest mock draft.

The Good: Johnnie Troutman tiedfor 8th among OLprospects with 31 reps on the bench; Chaz Powell clocked the 12th best 40-yard dash time among defensive backs; Jack Crawford ranked in the top 15 among defensive linemen in both the broad jump (a long jump, NOT jumping over women) and the three cone drill

The Bad: Derek Moye only put up 10 reps on the bench; Johnnie Troutman posted a 5.67 40-yard dash time; Devon Still did not place in the top 15 of any of his drills, and was given a grade of 89.0 by whomever writes the grades at

In Devon Still Praising Joe Paterno News. Devon Still praised Joe Paterno.

"I think highly of coach Paterno. I think he's the reason why I am who I am today. Being under his program, it helped me grow as a person, it will help me grow as a football player and also becoming the father I am today. I've been through a lot as I've (gone) through Penn State, but I think that's just helped me grow mentally. I wasn't as mature when I first got to Penn State as I am now. I credit that all to coach Paterno."

In "Jack Crawford? Really? Good, I Hope That Happens" News. Crawford is hoping to hear his name called next month at the 2012 NFL Draft, and apparently some analysts think he will.

Crawford is ranked as one of the top 20 defensive ends in many draft rankings by pro scouts and draft experts. Several mock drafts have Crawford landing somewhere in the fourth or fifth-round range.

Crawford was something of a lightning rod of frustration during his tenure at Penn State - he had the physical tools and looked great on paper, but appeared lost at times on the field. Hopefully he can catch on with a team and make an impact in the NFL. At the very least, his British accent ($) will provide ample entertainment for any locker room.

In Women's Volleyball Loses A Match But It's OK News. A volleyball team from the U.S. Army was on campus last weekend, preparing for the Warrior Games in Colorado in April. Except it wasn't your normal volleyball. And the ladies couldn't get enough.

In We're All Ears News. The Penn State Board of Trustees, that rag-tag group of scoundrels everyone loves to hate, started its Listening Tour(with special opening act Kool and the Gang), meeting with students, faculty, and other groups at Penn State.

The university said in a statement released this weekend that board members met with students, faculty, staff and alumni last week. Chairwoman Karen Peetz had announced after taking over as the board's new leader last month that trustees would hold such gatherings.

"The meetings are part of our continuing listening efforts, in particular for the new leadership," Peetz said in the statement. "The information we are gathering is critical to formulating our plans for the future."

In Penn State Quarterbacks In The Past 10 Years...Woof News. Paul Myerberg of Pre-Snap Read finally gets to Penn State in his post-season wrap up of the year that was (2011). The opener is a bit of a downer if not pretty spot on, while the rest of the recap is pretty accurate. And reliving this was fun

Low point A 45-7 loss to Wisconsin in the regular season finale was joined by a 30-14 loss to Houston in the TicketCity Bowl. Penn State’s performance against the Cougars in one word: listless. Another: disinterested. A third: pitiful.

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