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An Interview With Class of 2013 IN OL Dan Samuelson

A surprise visitor in the middle of the week, Indiana offensive lineman Dan Samuelson made the nearly nine-hour trip from central Indiana to central Pennsylvania to take in Penn State and see what the coaching staff had to offer. Samuelson is taking in a number of schools during his spring break, and will see Pittsburgh (again) during this trip.

Samuelson is a three-star prospect, and currently holds offers from Pittsburgh and Illinois, and has been hearing from Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan State, among others. He did not leave Penn State with an offer, but remains on the Nittany Lion coaching staff's radar.

After the visit, we caught up with Samuelson to see how things went.

BSD: So how was the trip?

Dan Samuelson: It went very well. Met with all the coaches and toured the football facility. It was a good experience for my parents and I. I sat and talked [with offensive line coach Mac McWhorter] for quite awhile. I liked him. He is a very good coach by what I saw today. He seems very interested in making his players be the best they can be.

BSD: Did Penn State communicate what they're looking for on the offensive line? How many more linemen are they looking to take, and do you think they'll give you an offer to be one of those guys soon?

DS: They would like to take 3 or 4 [offensive linemen]. If three, it would be two tackle body types and one guard. If four, then two of each. As for an offer, they are definately interested, but it is going to be seeing if they can take the 4th guy I mentioned.

BSD: Where do you think you'll project at the next level? At 6-5 and 280 pounds and with a college strength and conditioning regimen, tackle is the likely destination, right?

DS: I am actually not sure what they see me as. All of my film is from the guard position so my guess is they see me as a guard. But I believe they may want to push down the line [to tackle].

BSD: Do you have any early favorites? Any schools that are standing out to you?

DS: Right now I'm pretty even on all of the schools talking to me. It's going to be very hard to choose!

BSD: Do you know when you'll make a decision?

DS: I would like to be done before my season starts but that isn't set in stone.

BSD: If Penn State were to offer you, would they move to the top of your list?

DS: Yes they would be near the top.

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