Penn State Recruiting On The Fly

Some quick updates as we head into what once was going to be a big weekend, which tapered off a bit with a couple non-PSU commitments, but is now once again a big weekend.

  • As we told you yesterday, Penn State will host commits Adam Breneman, Christian Hackenberg, and Ross Douglas this weekend. These future Penn Staters will be joined by PA RB David Williams, NJ DE Dajaun Drennon, and some other guests this weekend. I don't think anyone is on commit watch, but nothing would surprise me with AB, Hack and Ross in the picture. UPDATE: Tim at VBR has confirmed what that NJ DT Greg Webb will be joining Drennon (they are teammates) this weekend.
  • Breneman was on campus on Wednesday to take in the second spring practice. He was joined by his current QB, sophomore Andrew Ford. I've already checked in with Ford in the past (he told me "Zack Mills is th reason I wear No. 7"), but you'll be hearing his name a lot over the next two years or so.
  • I spoke with Christian Hackenberg last night. We were discussing the visitors this weekend, and he told me "Adam and I will get on them." It has been covered and stressed ad nauseum, but I really can't stress enough the value of multiple recruiters within a recruiting class.
  • Hackenberg also told me, after we discussed Ryan Switzer committing to UNC, that "I still think [PSU] has a shot with him, in my opinion." I'm not sure I agree, but it's nice to see that a commitment to another school isn't going to stop these guys from trying to lure top talen to PSU.
  • NJ (Timber Creek) DE Dajaun Drennon will be on campus this weekend, as we reported in yesterday's recruiting roundup. However, I was able to confirm last night that his teammate, RB Zaire Williams will be joining him. This will be Williams' second trip to PSU in as many weeks, after he made the journey last weekend with DT Greg Webb. A third teammate, WR Myles Nash, will be heading to Rutgers. Nash told me "I don't think [Penn State] is recruiting me anymore."
  • For those of you with premium accounts to another site, you'll likely hear about an upcoming visit for a top target of Penn State's. I learned of this visit a few weeks ago, but did not report anything at the time. Out of deference to this young man, who apparently promised this news to another site, I won't divulge the info just yet. UPDATE: I can now report that Alex Anzalone will be visiting Penn State the weekend of April 14.
  • Speaking of visits, and as expected, the visitor list for Blue/White Weekend is growing longer each day. We'll hopefully have a complete list within the next couple of weeks.

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