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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs Michigan Live Game Thread


As Eric has stated in his preview: A possible Big Ten regular season title is on the line for Michigan in today's rematch with Penn State at the Jordan Center. The stakes for Penn State meanwhile, are far less dire, as in not finishing dead last in the Big Ten and getting an 11th seed in the Big Ten Tournament, which would make the difference between playing their opening round game Thursday night, as opposed to Thursday afternoon when a lot of folks who want to watch are still at work. So, we have that going for us...which is nice.

Also, a tip of the hat to Billy Oliver and Cam Woodyard. It's unfortunate that their careers were abruptly ended by injuries, and they deserved to see action on the BJC floor one final time. However, they both seem like fine young men who should be successful in whatever field they happen to pursue.

Tipoff is at 1:00 PM ET on ESPN. Same standard open thread rules apply: No porn, no politics/religion, no racism/sexism/homophobia/trolling, and no links to illegal video feeds.