Penn State Trustee Elections Now Open

[Promoted from the fanposts, because we know this is a very important issue to many of you. Please use the thread to discuss the issues most important to you, the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, and so on. This is NOT the thread to re-hash the Sandusky affair, and any attempted derailing of this thread will be treated unkindly by the moderators. If any of the candidates want to stop by and make their case, here's your chance to talk to a few thousand voters. - CG]

I am honestly not sure if this kind of discussion is permissible here considering it is tangentially political, but I would love to have an open discussion on the current election for three of the alumni seats on the board of trustees.

We have until May 3rd to vote and as it stands now, I barely know anything about any of these candidates outside of Adam Taliaferro (who is likely getting one of my votes) and Anthony Lubrano (who likely isn't). Are there any candidates out there that you guys think are particularly deserving of the postion? Anyone out there that you would hate to see on the board?

I would love to hear about candidates who have something more to their campaign than a simple "the board firing JoePa was wrong" platform.

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