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Success with Hyperlinking Wonders if Bill O'Brien Reads the Fanposts, Too

Well ain't this something?

Will this go to our heads? For about five minutes. But it's just nice to know that the only Penn State sports site correctly named by Bill O'Brien was Black Shoe Diaries. Not "Penn State 247." (Not getting 247's name right would have been enough Karma in and of itself to last a lifetime) Not Fight On State. Not Blue White Illustrated. Nope. Your humble bloggers have made enough of an impression--positively or negatively, we're not entirely sure--on BOB that he remembers the name of our little slice of the Penn State intertubes.

"Screw TOS! Their just stealing our info! [Insert Premium Recruiting Site Here] is teh best!" This story is a bit old now, especially in internet-speak. But with the recent flap (#BlogWar2K12) between us an a certain pay-for-info site that also covers PSU sports, it's relevant to at least get this in while I remember it. Bleacher Report (ugh, I guess we have to accept they're not as bad as they used to be) writer Dan Levy published a column ripping the modern process of "breaking" sports news, particularly focused on Twitter reports: On Breaking News, Sourcing, Credit & Scoops in Sports | Bleacher Report

Simply put, Twitter has ruined the pastime of patting a reporter on the back for breaking news. If you want to blame anything for how irrationally consumed media insiders have become about who broke a story, that blame goes to Twitter.

Same goes for these "premium" recruiting/news sites. The moment a competing media outlet, especially if that outlet is free, reports the same information, accusations of info-theft fly faster than the monkey poop normally sailing around those site's premium message boards. All this, despite that it seems there is some sort of gentleman's agreement between many pay sites not to go after each other in the same way they would go after (not ruling out litigation), say, a large, well-respected blog that isn't in line with the subscription-based racket. But that's only for the conspiracy theorists among our readers... or is it?

This is nothing, right? Tell me it's nothing... Coquese Washington interviewed for the vacant Michigan job. Not sure I have to go into details about why this is deeply unnerving, but let me say it's exactly that. Penn State found a platinum head coach in Washington, who has a very real chance for an even deeper run in the NCAA tourney next season. Losing her would be a major hit to the profile of Penn State athletics. Let's hope this is just one of those formalities. Remember when Larry Johnson, Sr. interviewed for other jobs? And Scrap? And Vandy?

Urban Defense... Bowling Green Utah Florida Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has been under fire lately for a scathing report about his time in Gainesville. So where does he take his defense? Why, where else but the media outlet that also just happens to make millions off his teams' TV ratings.

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