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Why Would Anything Be Normal?

This morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer is citing a source who says that recently fired (although Penn State isn't using that term) Assistant Athletic Director Mark Sherburne was dismissed after being "found in possession of documents pertaining to former athletic director Tim Curley, who is charged with perjury in the child sex-abuse scandal that has engulfed the school."

The Inquirer also reported, "Penn State officials repeatedly have told staffers they were required to turn over any documents that pertained to employees or former employees involved in the case, sources said. It is not clear why Sherburne had the documents. But the source said there was no indication he had the intent to conceal them. If he had, it could have resulted in an obstruction-of-justice charge. Sherburne had been warned before for trying to get rid of documents that he thought did not pertain to the case, the source said."

The circus is never leaving town, is it? Yesterday, Fight On State asked current Acting Athletic Director Dave Joyner about Sherburne: