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Penn State Blue-White Postgame Video

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Devon was one of our men on the scene at Blue-White weekend, and he brought back the following twenty-ish minutes of post-game interviews.

We don't say this nearly enough, but thanks to Jeff Nelson, Brian Siegrist, Shirley Irvin, and the rest of the good people at Penn State who recognize the value of our coverage. You don't have to be nice to us, but you are. Thanks.

Here's your menu for the video below, in case you want to skip around:

0:07 Matt McGloin
2:20 Silas Redd
4:30 Adrian Amos
9:12 Mac McWhorter
11:18 Matt Stankiewitch
14:12 Stephon Morris
16:25 Allen Robinson
18:20 Shawney Kersey

Inside the Locker Room: Interviews from Blue/White Game (via devonedwards013)