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Success With Hyperlinking Is Getting Ripped

Get Ripped, Ya'll. Everyone is in love with Craig Fitzgerald and for good reason. The Olympic-style lifting overhaul was such a needed change for so long, it's unreal to see the transition in action. Lasch is slowly getting its new equipment in, but it'll be finalized in just a few more weeks. To see the competition in these workouts is fantastic. It clearly builds team chemistry and gets the most out of everyone.

Who? Paul Jones. A nice piece from Onward State on the role Paul Jones gets to have until September. That role is obviously the 'fan favorite quarterback' simply because he had starz in high school and isn't McGloin or Bolden.

BOB on the Goon Show. I haven't even listened to last night's show yet, but I'm sure it's fantastic so I'm linking it anyway. Here's 90 minutes with Bill O'Brien, Keith Conlin, and Tim Sweeney. If you haven't been listening to the Goon Show, you're missing out.

Social Media, Ya'll! So Sheldon Jeter is on his official visit to Penn State. That apparently meant the entire PSU hoops family needed to stalk the crap out of his twitter. It was pretty awesome to watch and got me even more excited for the future of Penn State hoops. Now if you judge how well his visit is going by one's twitter behavior, everything seemed to be going great until this late night tweet. Regardless, the Jeter saga will be over on May 3rd.

The NFL Draft is a Mockery. I've never been much of a fan of this event, although I will admit it was a heckuva lot of fun drinking to at Pickle's when I was student. All I cared about was Devon Still, but unfortunately he will have to wait until tonight for his name to be called. Here's some quick winners and losers from the first round last night. However, the biggest winner apparently is going to be Mr. Irrelevant.

College Basketball Can't Stay Still. With around 400 transfers and 50 coaching changes a year, it seems loyalty really is dead in college basketball. It's kind of a nice warning for those of us who think Chambers will be here forever. He's not gonna be, but hopefully we can get at least 5 great years out of it. Oh, and remember the whole public outrage over restricting transfers? There's another side to the story.

Florida Apparently Does Have a Brain. I love college athletics as much as the next guy, but I'll have trouble supporting PSU if it ever tries to cut one of the best academic programs in favor of balancing the athletic budget. Anyway, UF backed off their proposal to cut their Computer Science program.

No Home-Cooking in Hockey. Not a huge fan of the sport, but new research suggests that hockey teams in the colored uniforms get penalized more than their white-jerseyed foes.

Blogging is Serious Business. Boiled Sports decided to run a dreadful article yesterday that criticized a15-year-old prospect's grammar on twitter. Seriously. Obviously that didn't go over well, but credit their efforts in damage control. Internet mistakes really are documented forever.

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