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Penn State's New Weight Room Is Very, Very Real

It would not be unreasonable to say that, despite the Penn State football program being completely stripped down and rebuilt in the matter of a few chaotic months, the biggest change is the new strength and conditioning program implemented by Craig Fitzgerald. Penn State contracted with South Carolina fitness training company Sorinex to overhaul the weightlifting and training facility, and the results are now available to the world, courtesy of Sorinex's Facebook page. On their site, you can also see recent installations at Virginia, Cal, and Auburn.

Since Fitzgerald was hired, Penn State had been working with what could only be termed as a shell of Fitzgerald's full vision for the strength program. You can see this in the video posted late last week here at BSD. This weekend, however, the Sorinex trucks brought the real goods. Here's the weight room, prior to the new equipment's arrival:


As you can see from the pictures below the jump, the cavernous appearance of the room didn't last very long.