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Adam Breneman, Christian Hackenberg "Host" Class of 2013 Penn State Recruits

Reprinted with permission. (via <a href=""></a>)
Reprinted with permission. (via

Following the relatively surprising commitments of two top targets last week, many thought the Penn State recruiting effort had come down a bit and that the Nittany Lions were in a bit of a rut. The natural ebb and flow of recruiting had ebbed back for the Nittany Lions, but a trio of Penn State commitments were looking to change the cycle back.

Adam Breneman, Christian Hackenberg, and Ross Douglas were all on campus, along with some top recruits on whom these future Nittany Lions were looking to lay their best recruiting rap.

"It was great", Breneman said. "I was there Wednesday and then came back Saturday and had a great time. I got to meet Christian, got to meet Ross. I had met Dave Williams before, but I got to spend some time with him."

Hackenberg seemed to enjoy himself as well.

"I think it was productive. [Breneman] and I got to know each other a bit better, we got to meet with Ross [Douglas]. I think getting a group of us up there and prep for the Blue and White Game, I thought was really productive and went really well."

Once at Penn State, the nation's top tight end got right to work.

"I know David [Williams] pretty well, I've been on a few visits to some other places with him. I think [Penn State is] in a pretty good position with him. I know he wants to see some other schools, which he should; we don't want someone to make a decision before they're 100% sure, but I definitely think we're at the top with him right now.

"I got to spend some time with [Dajaun] Drennon; he's a real nice kid and I feel good about him, too. Dave and Dajaun had a real good time at Penn State. I think they both want to visit some other schools, but when it comes down to decision time, I think [PSU] is going to be a in a good position."

Hackenberg reiterated some of these comments.

"Me, Adam, and David [Williams] were with each other pretty much the whole day. I talked to [Drennon] a little bit, I know he's coming back for a return visit. So I think that we got in both their ears pretty good and they both saw that Penn State was a great opportunity.

"Just from what I saw, both of them seemed to enjoy [the visit], and I know Williams really, really enjoyed it."

Recruiting wasn't the only thing on the agenda, though. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, recruits are able to keep in touch and "meet" well before an actual face-to-face encounter. Though they had never met in person until this weekend, Breneman and Hackenberg seem to be forging a great relationship.

"I stayed overnight with Christian; we're going to be roommates at Penn State, so it was good to get to know him", Breneman said. "He and I are building a pretty good friendship", Hackenberg added.

What's next for these guys? Breneman is targeting a Blue/White Weekend return along with Class of 2014 (and current Breneman teammate) QB Andrew Ford, which includes a meeting with Coach Bill O'Brien.

"I'm going back the day before the spring game to spend some time with Coach O'Brien and with my coach and Andrew Ford. Coach O'Brien is going to teach us a little bit of the offense to try to help us out for this upcoming season, and then we'll stay for the spring game."

Coach O'Brien is going to teach Cedar Cliff HS Head Coach Jim Cantafio to run O'Brien's offense? Makes sense to Breneman.

"Haha, it's pretty similar actually. Coach O'Brien is going to give us some tips, give us a little clinic the day before [the spring game]."

Hackenberg will also be back for the annual spring game.

"I'll be up for Blue-White, and then we'll see from there. I want to sit in a couple meetings with Coach O'Brien, quarterbacks meetings. I got to sit in a whole offense meeting, but I want to sit in a quarterbacks meeting and pick up little things here and there."

The visitors got to take in the first spring practice in pads over the weekend, and Hackenberg (as well as many Penn State fans) kept a close eye on the quarterback battle.

"It was high intensity. I loved the way Coach O'Brien coached; I loved the way Coach Fisher handled his quarterbacks, and I think that the offense has the potential to be really explosive with the right tools. [All the quarterbacks] looked pretty solid. [Matt] McGloin was probably the best leader, and the other two guys are really gifted, they all had their moments."

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