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Success With Hyperlinking Is Living in Cael's world


Let them eat cake -The Penn State Wrestling team celebrated their second consecutive national championship the way they always do, by eating cake.

However, instead of sharing cake as a team like they did after winning the Big Ten tournament in the beginning of March, the wrestlers and coaches shared a giant celebratory cake at an open celebration with the public Monday in the Nittany Lion Club at Beaver Stadium.

In other wrestling news: Cael Sanderson rules, just ask the good folks at InterMat who named him 2012 InterMat Coach of the Year. A wrestling link to lead off you ask??!?!? Don't give the keys to the blog to a wrestling fan and expect anything less.

The BOBSled is coming to a town near you - Bill O'Brien will headline the Coaches Caravan that will be traveling to towns across the east coast.

The Nittany Lion Club and the Penn State Alumni Association will team up to provide fans the chance to meet and hear from some of the leaders of Penn State Athletics this spring when the Penn State Coaches Caravan hits the road for destinations across Nittany Nation, encompassing seven states and Washington, D.C.

Joining O'Brien will be Lady Lion basketball coach Coquese Washington, Nittany Lion basketball coach Patrick Chambers, Women’s Volleyball coach Russ Rose, and Penn State men’s hockey coach Guy Gadowsky.The Caravan will be starting in the city of Brotherly love.

Obligatory Quarterback battle link- It's the off-season and what else do we have to talk about than the quarterback battle.pillow fight. One thing's for sure, Bill O'Brien is putting the best option on the field.

There's a theory among some PSU followers that goes like this: Since Paul Jones has three years of eligibility and Matt McGloin only one, O'Brien would be better off starting Jones and letting him develop in the new offensive system, even if he's not quite as good as McGloin this season.

"In two or three years down the road, if I'm sitting here at 2-20 or 2-30, I'm not going to be employed," O'Brien said Friday. "So that's a ridiculous notion.

I'll give the man one thing, he sure does talk like he has a lot of common sense.

How's that STEP thing working out?

Penn State football season ticket sales are lagging slightly behind last year, but associate athletic director Greg Myford said Friday he believes that deficit will be eliminated.

About 4,000 fewer than last year’s total have been sold, but Myford pointed out that ticket holders who are not among the 70 percent renewing online are just getting their applications in the mail. They have until May 14 to renew.

Pat Chambers says his team is just fine thanks-

In need of players to replace the losses Cam Woodyard, Trey Lewis, Matt Glover, Peter Alexis and Billy Oliver, Chambers has been busy looking for suitable replacements in the 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes.

Chambers has insisted that he isn't looking for a quick fix and would be happy to play next season with the current roster, which would include two incoming freshmen.

Of course the Sheldon Jeter sweepstakes end on Thursday and landing him would be a shot in the arm for the program.

Playoffs in College football. I just wrote that because it feels good. But if you want to take a look at what the new world order might look like, Off Tackle Empire has you covered.

In scores of other games - South Carolina is one of the big boys in the SEC now, they've managed to get themselves in 3 years of probation for failure to monitor. As always, EDSBS has you covered.

Minnesota will be the first in the Big Ten to sell beer at home games. Come on Wisconsin, who's asleep at the switch over there?

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