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Actual Journalism!

For those of you wondering when ESPN's coverage would stop focusing solely on Joe Paterno and start focusing on Tom Corbett and the rest of the involved parties, that time has apparently come.

Also, I can't describe how funny, ridiculous, and sad this is:

But none of those plans was mentioned in a certified letter, obtained by "Outside the Lines," that was sent to Paterno exactly one week after he was fired. Written by general counsel Baldwin, the letter begins, "Pursuant to your termination … we are asking you to make the following arrangements."

Those arrangements involved the university's collecting property from the coach, an apparent pro forma list that included a cellphone (Paterno didn't own one), a university ID card (Paterno never used one), a parking permit, office keys and a security badge.

There was something else. "It is also our understanding that you have conducted university business out of a home office. Someone from University Office of Human Resources will contact you within a week of your receipt of the inventory to arrange for the retrieval of university property."

A few weeks later, a university employee arrived at Paterno's home and carted away a 25-year-old beige telephone and a dilapidated fax machine.