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Success With Hyperlinking Speaks In Tongues

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The Silas And Pete Show. GoPSUSports posted a video interview with Silas Redd and Pete Massaro, and it would seem that the prevailing phrase for spring practice is "learning curve". Poor Silas almost seems overwhelmed when talking about it.

It's a learning experience ... we're just trying to get things in order ... trying to get things together ... doing the best we can ... it's a lot different from last year. Yes, this will undoubtedly be one of the issues when September comes along. As Massaro said, learning a new system in football is like learning a new language. It sounds like these Nittany Lions are going from Pig Latin to Panchpargania.

BlueWhiteIllustrated's Nate Bauer also has a nice profile on Massaro, which is worth a read.

Greg Webb Is The Baddest Man In The Room. Philip Cmor of the Altoona Mirror fills us in:

Webb vowed to bring that kind of attitude to Penn State. "A tenacious player who works hard," Webb said when asked what the Lions are getting in him. "They felt the same way."

Although he had the opportunity to play his college ball in the south, Webb was excited to go to a Big Ten school. "Big Ten football is one of the top football organizations in the country. It's going to be a great experience," Webb said.

Webb also is a standout heavyweight wrestler. He was 34-2 as a sophomore and opened his junior year 3-0 before being sidelined with an ACL tear. He used to box, as well.

Cael Sanderson Is The Baddest Man In The World. occasionally puts out some good content, and they have a rather exhaustive analysis of Penn State's quest for a third national championship in wrestling.

Sanderson is the conductor of what seems to be an unstoppable train.

"I can’t expect these guys to be me in anything," said Sanderson, who won four individual NCAA titles and an Olympic gold medal in 2004. "I just try and help them. As a coaching staff, coach [Casey] Cunningham, coach Cody [Sanderson], we just try to stay out of their way and make sure they are doing the big things. If [Ed] Ruth wants to color his hair green, you just say you had better back it up on the mat."

"When you hear something from Cael Sanderson, you can’t challenge that," said PSU senior 149-pounder Frank Molinaro, a four-time All-American and champion in 2012. "You’ve got to believe anything he tells you."

Our Future Heroes. Penn State Hockey released its official varsity roster last week, and Thank You Terry has your scoop. Also, a visual history of Penn State hockey sweaters.

Also Receiving Votes. The individual who rammed various Beaver Stadium surroundings, including a Paternoville sign, with his car in early March has been caught. Christian Hackenberg's first game of his senior high school season will be televised on ESPN. PSU commit Ross Douglas is not a prisoner of conventional mathematics. Catch BOB in Scranton on May 10.

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