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Rumor Mill: Bolden Transfer, Drake Dismissal

Is this really the end for Rob Bolden? (Photo: <a href="">MVP/BSD</a>)
Is this really the end for Rob Bolden? (Photo: MVP/BSD)

You know what would make that headline even more MSM'y? Leaving out the "Rumor Mill" part and dropping a question mark at the end. It's the classic media cop-out for stuff that you can't confirm, heard from another media outlet, but don't want to take responsibility for if it turns out to be completely false. We see it all the time in political reporting. Sports is no different.

Anyway... Rob Bolden is rumored to be transferring, having apparently been granted a release from his scholarship. Curtis Drake is rumored to be off the team, but I'm not going to remotely speculate why, because it's not right to start rumors about a potential serious problem a young man may be dealing with.

The Bolden thing isn't surprising. In fact, to many of us, it's somewhat of a relief. The kid had so much potential, seemed like a nice guy, but was tortured into a ball of mush taking snaps constantly worrying if he'd get pulled after a few incompletions. Competition is always good for a player, particularly quarterback. But getting dicked around as Bolden was by the previous staff, that's simply painful to watch a young man have to go though. Now that the quarterback race is supposedly down to Paul Jones and Matt McGloin, Bolden is taking this as his cue to move on.

And good for him. I hope--as I'm sure many of you can agree with--that he ends up at a program where he succeeds. Good luck to him, wherever he goes.

The Drake thing is another monster. He's had some trouble before. Two fights, injuries. But we're waiting on some sort of confirmation from anywhere of what might lead to the rumor being true that Drake is off the team.

Under normal circumstances, this all would be a big deal, one to worry about. This off-season, though, loosening up the quarterback logjam isn't a bad thing. Drake was reportedly coming along as a decent cornerback. That's where this could be a problem for Penn State. The secondary is dangerously thin. Losing out on a warm body back there, never mind one that had shown promise at the position, will create one more headache going into fall camp.

But as with any story like the ones rumored to be floating around tonight, we just have to wait and see.

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