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A Farewell To Pajamas

When Kevin and I took over Black Shoe Diaries last summer, we promised our readers and the kind people at SB Nation headquarters that we would do whatever we could to improve the site and expand its readership. Without getting into humblebragging, we believe we've accomplished that in spades. Now it's time to hand the keys to your new blog overlords, Mike and Jeff.

We can't say enough about how helpful and influential they've been throughout the past year, both on the front page and helping us organize and brainstorm behind the scenes. Needless to say, you're all in very good hands and will be for a long time.

Thanks to everybody, and we mean everybody. That includes the righteous people at SB Nation, our fellow writers, and everyone who has taken a little time out of their day to read Black Shoe Diaries. It's been a pleasure to be a small part of your daily routine, regardless of how long you've been following our work.