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Forward, Blog!

So Chris and Kevin are leaving. There have already been enough behind-the-scenes discussions with each of them, so this doesn't need to be drawn out and sappy. But everyone here at Black Shoe Diaries wants to thank each of them for years of hard work and dedication, not just at this site but in the Penn State blogosphere in general. The landscape wouldn't look the same without you, and we're eternally grateful.

Moving forward, there really won't be many noticeable changes. Since taking over a year ago, and further adding some strong parts, BSD has moved from a semi-stagnant entity essentially run by one guy, to a thriving website and community, rising to the top of SBN's collegiate ranks. We are very proud at the progress we've made, and have no intention of slowing down. And as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So what will change? Really, just the masthead, at least publicly. You'll notice some old names with new titles, but the strong machine we've built will continue on with a "business as usual" approach. We hope you'll enjoy all that we have planned, not just for the dead of Blog Summer, but also for the longterm future. Additionally, you'll notice a new name, as we've added fan favorite "bscaff" to the fold. His play-by-play breakdowns have been pretty awesome, and we're hoping he can keep those coming for quite some time.

So sit back, expect nothing to change too drastically this time around, and (hopefully) continue to enjoy the show.

For The Glory,

BSD Staff