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Success With Hyperlinking Is Thankful For Not Having A Deadbeat Parent

"Hey, you media people: Want to hear a joke? Joe Amendola walks into a bar. Everyone is offended." (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
"Hey, you media people: Want to hear a joke? Joe Amendola walks into a bar. Everyone is offended." (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The BSD staff is fully aware that you, the BSD reader, can't get enough Jerry Sandusky coverage*, so here's a nice lengthy interview with Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola from The Philly Post. While we highly recommend clicking the aforementioned link in order to fully immerse yourself inside the Mind of 'Mendola**, here's a few excerpts from said interview:

Amendola on his chaotic childhood:

My parents had my brother and sister, twins, when I was 13, but my mother couldn’t take the pressure of more kids. I can remember vividly her waking me up and saying, "Will you take care of the babies?" before leaving the house at night. My dad was a printer who worked the night shift, so he’d go to work at midnight and not be back until eight. So at 13 I wound up essentially raising my infant brother and sister, a lot of times missing school. And when I say "missing school," I mean weeks at a time. We had a great family doctor who would just write notes, because I was insistent that my father not tell the nun why I was out. I was embarrassed. We wound up losing our house. That was a life experience, literally getting moved out.

Amendola on his deadbeat mother

She’d go to bars. She started just going out an hour or two, and then over a month or two it started becoming all night. Finally when I was 13, she left and didn’t come back...

Amendola on whether this will be the Casey Anthony trial of the Summer

I’ve been in contact with attorneys who’ve been involved with those types of cases—in particular, Amanda Knox’s attorney. They say what I’m doing is on track. It’s amazing the number of attorneys who’ve reached out to me and told me that what I’m doing is absolutely brilliant because you had no chance, nowhere to go, and if I took the traditional role of just zipping everything up and not saying anything, there wouldn’t need to be a trial. We’re never going to change the people who have already made up their minds one way or the other. But there’s a good percentage of people who are now asking questions. For example: If Jerry was such an animal, why did the attorney general wait three years to charge him? They could’ve charged him after the first young guy came forward. To use [the excuse] that they had the grand jury going is nonsense. They could’ve charged him with accuser number one, and still investigated the other cases. But they waited three years. Why did they wait three years? Why did they hold the psychological evaluations back so long?

Amendola on the media attacking him for fathering a child with a 17 year old girl a decade and a half ago

Ironically, that garnered me a lot of sympathy, because people thought it was way over the line. And I said to people who asked me about it, "I’m not the person on trial. My personal life is my personal life." The people locally know that it’s 15 years ago. What they were inferring was outrageous. But to respond to it is to give it credibility, and my talent has always been, "Hey, that’s my personal life. If you want to go out there and look like idiots, then so be it."

Here's Another Bill O'Brien Interview To Wash Off The Sandusky Stench

Tony Manusco of conducted the latest interview with BOB, and while it's full of the predictable questions about personnel and how the team will prepare for Ohio on September 1st, it's still very much worth a read. Part I and Part II can be read by clicking on their respective links.

Todd Graham Will Do Anything For Love (Yes, Even That)

Dear Worldwide Leader's Ivan Maisel recently composed a piece on how Todd Graham is settling in at Arizona State, and the real reason he left Pitt after just one season:

Graham had reasons to justify leaving Pittsburgh. Arizona State is a bigger school. He left the Big East for the more stable Pacific-12 Conference. Most of all, he left for love.

Leaving Tulsa for Pittsburgh had split up the Graham family. Three of five children remained enrolled at Tulsa. Graham's wife Penni, accustomed to having the family together, struggled to adjust to life without them. The Grahams who moved east struggled to adapt to urban living. You ever try to parallel park a pickup truck?

Gee, I wonder if Graham took such issues into consideration before he foolishly accepted a job in a place where his upbringing and style of coaching would make him a fish out of water?

Ohio State To Offer 'Fruit Ninja' Classes Beginning This Fall

Ohio State is going to start providing iPads for its athletes. I'm pretty sure the jokes write themselves on this one.

George Carlin Would Be Proud of This List

Deadspin has posted a couple of stories lately about colleges using special software that monitors what student-athletes type on their social media accounts. One such post in particular, is a full A-Z list of things college athletes should avoid writing on Facebook, Twitter, etc., some of which will probably make you think "Seriously? They get reported for saying THAT?" Basically, if you're a college athlete and you're tweeting about how you're a BAMF who is totally FUBAR'd right this moment, you've just gotten yourself into one FUM.

And Finally...

The PIAA Basketball Finals are leaving the BJC and moving back to the Giant Center in Hershey, PA. Now is the time to pay your final respects.

* That was sarcasm, you rocket scientist

** It's past midnight as I'm typing this, and all I can think of are puns based off of shitty Comedy Central shows

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