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Success With Hyperlinking Is Still Remembering A Hero

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Lt. Michael P. Murphy, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Penn State rugger, and American hero, is honored with an endurance test that could take me all day to finish. Participants of the "Memorial Day Murph" were put through an intense test of endurance and fitness in honor of a Navy SEAL who died in the line of duty in 2005.

Caballo Blanco, a central figure in the non-fiction book "Born To Run" - recommended in carolinaeasy's excellent FanPost - made his last run earlier this month. His body was discovered at the bottom of a canyon by rescuers, apparently having slipped and fallen during his run.

On the comeback trail, though, is "pink slime". Those genuine good fellas at Cargill are hoping that the summer grilling season will reverse the 80% decline in sales they've seen since the "pink slime" brand was accidentally released.

Slightly more realistic is the prospect of the ACC sticking together. In conference realignment, always suspect the one who denies it - like Miami AD Shawn Eichorst. You're committed to the ACC - today. As of this second, that is. The next second? Who knows? On the other hand, the Clemson AD is begging for a Big 12 lifeline in the same article. Beggars are only begging because they haven't been offered a spot.

While we're on the subject, guess what the SEC prefers as a playoff model? Success with Hyperlinking is pleased that they aren't pitching all four spots be ESSS-EEEE-CEEE guar-un-teed.

Finally, a lesson for the children. What happens when you behave poorly most of your life, and feign effort at a comeback simply because you're broke? You get cut from the Indoor Football League's Allen (TX) Wranglers. The controversial 38-year-old wide receiver was released by the IFL franchise after playing only eight games. If only Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, and Carson Palmer had thrown him the damn ball more often, their teams would never have lost.

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