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BSD Casino Royale Presents: QB Bonanza

With Head Coach Bill O'Brien closing in on naming a starting QB, BSD Casino Royale* proudly presents its inaugural BSD Casino Royale 'QB Bonanza'. It's time to place your bets*, BSD'ers!

Here are the opening lines**:

QB11-McGloin: -650

QB1-Bolden: +800

QB7-Jones: +450

QB4-Sunshine: +1200

To help out loyal BSD brethren (and divas), we've retained handicapper extraordinaire Brandon Lang*** to provide exclusive insights. Brandon was the subject of the boorish Hollywood flop "Two For The Money", featuring Al Pacino and Rene Russo. The starring role of Brandon Lang was portrayed by David Wooderson, famous for playing himself in the movie "Dazed and Confused." Wooderson would reprise his role of himself in the movies Failure to Launch, Sahara, We Are Marshall, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.


Brandon Lang: "I'm always looking for value, guys. Sports books like the BSD Casino Royale* make mistakes in their opening lines. I find those mistakes, and pounce on them like Ricky Williams finding a Mexican drug cartel's hidden mary jane field."

"Here, BSD Casino Royale has made McGloin the heavy, heavy favorite. You're risking $650 to make $100. Seriously? And what are the chances that Bill O'Brien actually names McGloin the starter? Hey - there are four choices up there folks, so it can't be any better than 25% by my math. I'd stay away from McGloin."

"No, fellas, my insider BSD-members-only super secret tip is....."Sunshine" Ronnie Bass, at -1200. You're risking $100 to make $1200, guys. I mean, c'mon. I know for a fact that Rev taught Sunshine the pitch, and that Sunshine's a championship quarterback - having won the VA State title for TC Williams, over Groveton. And my members made money on that one, too. You better believe it."

Thank you, Brandon Lang, for that money-maker insight. And now it's time BSD'ers. Place your bets in the comments. Payouts will occur after Coach O'Brien announces his starting QB. As a bonus, the BSD'er with the largest payout will also be awarded a Juggs machine.****

*BSD Casino Royale is not real. Your bets - limited to a fake $5000 - are not real. And there are no payouts.

**These odds are completely fake, and totally made up.

***We did not really retain Brandon Lang or David Wooderson to handicap this fake event.

****Black Shoe Diaries will only be awarding a Juggs machine if Grovich returns it promptly.

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