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Sadness Grips the Auburn Community

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Real life intruded into the sports world once again Saturday night, as two former Auburn University football players were shot and killed at a pool party late in the evening. In addition, Auburn Offensive Lineman, Erick Mack, was wounded in the melee, which occurred at the University Heights apartment complex near the Auburn campus. The suspected gunman, Desmonte Lawson, is still at large.

Former Tigers Edward Christian and Ladarious Phillips were highly recruited out of high school just a few short years ago. Neither player, however, had lived up to expectations and were no longer on the active roster. Mack, a 6’3’’ 315 lb. sophomore, is expected to make a full recovery. However, it is unknown whether Mack will be able to return to the field. Obviously, that is the extent of the football analysis for this piece. This is in no way a football story and any impact this may, or may not, have on the fortunes of the Tigers’ football team or their standing in the SEC is completely irrelevant to the larger issue.

The thoughts and prayers of the entire BSD staff and community go out to the Auburn University community in their time of sorrow. If we learn of any opportunities to contribute to the Auburn community, we will post them here.