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Success With Hyperlinking Is Stuck With More Tragedy

Small Towns Still Encounter Big Problems: It may be the last quiet moments around here for the next several weeks, but in case everyone needed a reminder tragedy is never far off, even in small college towns there's what happened Saturday at Auburn. In what may have started as a fight over a girl, ended in bloodshed with the death of 3 people, including 2 one-time Auburn football players, Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips. Current player, Eric Mack, was treated for a gunshot wound and released from the hospital, along with two others. There is a manhunt underway for a suspect in the incident.

There's never easy words for explaining why terrible things happen and perhaps as details emerge it will better illuminate what exactly went wrong, but that won't bring back those victims or particularly provide any comfort the families and friends who lost them.

Reaction And Action: The Penn State Alumni Association released the results of a national survey of alumni. You can read it here. There were a number of questions that regarding Joe Paterno, but none asking how much alumni hate child abuse, unfortunately "pseudo" news sites will interpret this as misplaced priorities. (Hint: it's rhetorical, we REALLY hate it.) Meanwhile, Penn State unveiled new policy to better elaborate how to proceed with allegations going forward regarding minors on campus.

Others Receiving Votes: Does the new staff's pasts give Penn State an advantage preparing for their out of conference games? David Jones looks favorably at the schedule in his continuing series. Both Penn State Men's and Women's Track and Field squads posted Top 30 finishes at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Gymnast Miguel Pineda and Field Hockey player Kelsey Amy both earned Capital One Academic All-American Team honors in their respective sports.

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