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Only Charlie Sieminski Until Penn State Football 2012



Charlie Sieminski was 2nd-team All-America OT for Rip Engle's 1962 squad. In the bottom shot he's pictured with fellow All-Americans Dave Robinson (#89, LB) and Roger Kochman (#46, HB) with Coach Engle, next to the fancy new Beaver Stadium, which had opened in 1960 - after being disassembled and moved from its former location, near present day Rec Hall.

Five years later in 1967, Rich Buzin would make #77 a 2nd-team All-America again. Which was followed by Charlie Getty, a 2nd-team All-America OT in 1973. And Bill Dugan, a 1st-team All-America OT in 1980.

Patrick Christie is the current owner of #77, and hails from Boiling Springs. That's the 717, yo.

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