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Black Shoe Podcast, with Celebrity Guest Adam Collyer

Adam's crush on the left, Linebacker U's crush on the right. (via <a href="">Mike Pettigano</a>)
Adam's crush on the left, Linebacker U's crush on the right. (via Mike Pettigano)

Mr. Collyer, presumably dressed head to toe in argyle, joins me for a special edition podcast to discuss a number of issues. As two lawyers, we naturally felt like we had to discuss the Sandusky trial first, and managed to agree on a number of issues, including Joe Amendola's competency and the likely outcome of the case. We moved on to the 2012 season and took a quick look at recruiting and the last eight months' affect on the Class of 2013.

In the end, we pay homage to our predecessors and end with a song that sums up the life of a Penn State fan over the past eight months. Other items discussed:

  • Whether Bill O'Brien should adopt argyle as his gameday wardrobe;
  • The role of the wide receivers in the Bill O'Brien offense;
  • Adam's love affair with a certain Big Ten back, who could put up some serious numbers in 2012; and
  • Whether Rob Bolden would make a good addition to Primary Element.

Black Shoe Podcast, The Sandusky Trial Editon

Technical Notes: 1) Kevin, bless his heart, tried his best to explain to me how to get these things onto iTunes, but for the life of me I cannot get the hang of it. If any of our readers fancy themselves a techie, please contact me offline (email in profile) so that we can make these more readily available for your listening pleaseure; 2) Collyer and I plan to make this a regular feature, as we know that many of you enjoy the podcast format, so bear with us as we get all the bugs worked out.

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