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Only Devon Still Until Penn State Football 2012


Iowa QB James Vandenberg can kill a black bear, but he couldn't escape All-America DT Devon Still, who makes Vandenberg look like a pee-wee player in this photo. Devon was (finally) taken in the 2nd Round by the Cincinnati Bengals - an incredibly smart move on their part - as the latest in the renowned Larry-Johnson-pipeline-to-the-NFL.

There are a lot of great #71's in Penn State history, including but not limited to: OL Brad Benson 1973-1976 and member of the NY Giants 1986 Super Bowl; OL Todd Rucci, member of the NE Patriots All-Decade squad of the 1990's; and 2-time All-America OT Keith Dorney, who is also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

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