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Only Irv Pankey Until Penn State Football


Irv Pankey began his Penn State career as a tight end, but finished it as a 2nd-Team All-America Offensive Tackle. From there, he spent the next 13 seasons or so in the NFL, the first decade of which was as an anchor of the LA Rams o-line that helped Eric Dickerson break the single-season NFL rushing record.

#70 is current occupied by JR Nate Cadogan. Nate began his Penn State career as a tight end, catching a 3-yard bomb for a TD against Michigan in 2010. But he's now an OT, and part of the 2-deep heading into summer.

#70 was previously occupied by Dave Joyner, an All-America OG on the 1970 team; who was also an All-America Heavyweight wrestler; and......let's see......anything else? seems familiar......

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