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Success With Hyperlinking Is Sitting In Front Of The Fan Naked

What felony am I committing tonight? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
What felony am I committing tonight? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

KDCA 291352Z 32011G17KT 10SM BKN250 36/20 A2977 RMK AO2 SLP080 T03560200 -- That is a METAR which is basically a coded weather report given by weather stations at airports. As BSD's resident meteorologist (see, we're not all lawyers), I can tell you that this particular one says that it was 97 degrees at Reagan National Airport at 9:52 this morning. Happy heatwave, East Coasters.

Isaiah Crowell: Fulmer Cup MVP. After sitting out multiple times during the season last year due to drug issues, Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell is at it again after being charged with felony weapons charges on the UGA campus just after 3:30 this morning. The university newspaper has the story:

Crowell was charged by ACC Police on a felony count of weapon in a school zone, a felony count of altered ID mark and misdemeanor count of possession/carrying a concealed weapon. He was booked at 3:37 a.m. and bond was set at $7,500. Major Mike Shockley of the ACC Police said early Friday the report was still being worked on and was unable to give more details.

The reigning SEC Freshman of the Year has been given a couple second chances by Georgia coach Mark Richt after saying he would clean up his act and learn from his mistakes. Richt may not be so understanding this time.

Week One Predictions? Football's Getting Close! Brian Bennett at the Big Ten blog on ESPN previews the opening week matchup with the Bobcats of Ohio. He gives Penn State an 89 percent chance of beating the Fightin' Solichs. As most have said, Ohio will not be a walkover as they are projected to be the MAC champions this year. Let's just hope they're not another MAC powerhouse starting their season in Happy Valley..

Not "Too Country": A nice write-up in the Detroit News about Ohio junior linebacker prospect Michael Ferris III who almost automatically ruled Ohio State out of contention because he didn't feel comfortable in a city. Michigan, Notre Dame and Penn State head his list of offers. We put this story in SwH not because we want to take away from Jeff's recruiting articles, but give Terrelle Pryor a hearty thanks for not coming to the backwoods, incestuous Hickville that he decided State College was. And for that, we salute you.

Around the Big Ten Blogs: Corn Nation attempts to tackle the enigma that is Harvey Perlman and attempt to make the case that people shouldn't think he is a fool for his stance on being anti-playoff. When he decides to get electricity, indoor plumbing and a running automobile, we'll discuss.... The Daily Gopher ranks Matt McGloin as the 11th best QB in the Big Ten, only in front of the Indiana situation where they don't know who their quarterback will be. Purdue's "Who's Knee Is Still In One Piece?" quarterback rotation ranks seventh and newcomer to Michigan State Andrew Maxwell ranks third, my only two gripes along with the gunslinger being so low... The Only Colors has the details on Michigan State playing UCONN on an aircraft carrier in Germany. That's cool and all, but I saw that last year when the Spartans played North Carolina off the shore of San Diego. Let me know when they're playing on the moon.

And Yeah, Some Sandusky News: The New York Times analyzes Penn State's quick response to offer victims a program and comfort immediately after last Friday's verdict... Baltimore broadcaster Gerry Sandusky is not Jerry Sandusky and DAMN IT I HATE PEOPLE AND THE INTERNET.. Some Pennsylvania lawmakers want to know why the AG's office allowed JERRY Sandusky to be around children for three years after the investigation into him started in 2008.