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Derrick Thomas Leaves Team

(Photo: <a href="" target="new">Mike Pettigano/BSD</a>)
(Photo: Mike Pettigano/BSD)

Citing personal reasons, Penn State Cornerback Derrick Thomas has left the team, according to the athletic department. As you may recall, Thomas was involved in an incident last summer, along with Curtis Drake, that resulted in disorderly conduct charges. There is no word that those charges had anything to do with Thomas' decision to leave the football team. This marks the third departure from the team this summer.

Thomas' departure further complicates the situation in the Nittany Lions' defensive backfield. It is unclear who will step in to fill the void left by Thomas, who was expected to carry a bigger load than in previous seasons. Also, it is unclear where Coach O'Brien will pull players from in order to overcome this discrepancy.

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