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Oh, Hello: FL DB Neiko Robinson Commits to Penn State

Neiko Robinson, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Home/HS: Bratt, FL/Northview
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170

Starz 'n Sheetz
Stars: Rivals- 3* Scout-NR
Offer sheet: No BCS offers, but interest from Alabama, Florida, Florida State


The Tale

Robinson was on campus this weekend for the Junior Camp, and like other players, walked away with an offer after showing the coaching staff something impressive. He is the first to jump on their camp offer.

EDIT: With apologies to Neiko and our readers, it appears that Neiko was not on campus this weekend, but rather received his offer when coaches visited him in Florida. Thank you to all of the diligent internet sleuths for pointing this information out, crucial as it was to the case at hand. Hopefully this doesn't change anyone's opinion on the young man too much.


A relative unknown to the recruiting world (he is not listed in the 247Sports database [or wasn't at the time of print], and is still listed incorrectly in the Scout database [or was at the time of print]), Robinson's commitment is important for two reasons. First, he is from Florida, a state notoriously hard to pull kids from, let alone pull them all the way to Penn State.

Second, he is a defensive back, a position of great need. With Curtis Drake's removal from the team recently, the secondary is even more thin, and any help will be appreciated. Robinson likely projects as a safety, a good complement to Ross Douglas at one of the corner spots. He is quick, closes on defenders well, and seems to have good field presence.

UPDATE: The fact that he was given an offer on a visit and not required to camp this past weekend before receiving an offer is somewhat surprising, given what the staff is asking of other players. But regardles...

Welcome to Penn State, Neiko!

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