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Success With Hyperlinking Wants to Follow You Down

A little Bob Dylan on a Friday afternoon for you. Just because.

Notes on a Scandal With the jury selection all set, there aren't too many updates on the Sandusky case. Penn State announced they will not take the opportunity to read the Freeh report before releasing it to the general public.Take that statement for what it's worth. In case you didn't already know, Jay and Sue Paterno issued a statement in response to their names being included on the defense witness list. Finally, the Joe Paterno article in Esquire that was hyped up by Deadspin in the last two weeks.

Foster the People Highly-touted PA WR Robert Foster released his top seven this week. Unfortunately, Penn State was left off the list of finalists. Check out the link and play the "One of these things is not like the other" game.

A Hope in the Unseen Many Penn State fans moaned and groaned at the announcement that Matt McGloin would be QB1 heading into the season. We found at least one person who thinks McGloin will thrive in O'Brien's new offensive system. In the least surprising news ever, McGloin states that he wasn't a fan of the quarterback rotation in 2011.

Read This. Now. Matt Hayes of the Sporting News has written a must-read article on Bill O'Brien, the family man.

Clear Your Schedules, Folks Every college football season has that one Saturday that is overflowing with can't-miss games. This year it seems like November 10 is the day to glue yourself to the couch.

Paging Tony Robbins Looking for work in the State College area? Someone is seeking an effective life coach.

Another Chapter in a Sad Saga Remember when former Michigan State wide receiver Charles Rogers was lighting up the Big Ten on his way to becoming the second overall pick in the 2003 draft? Rogers looked to be the next Randy Moss, but his NFL career never materialized. Sadly, his off-the-field woes continue long after being cut by the Detroit Lions.

Your Wife Sounds Hot News Vanderbilt Head Coach (and one-time Penn State HC candidate) James Franklin recently tweeted a series of apologies for some pretty interesting remarks regarding the qualities he looks for when hiring an assistant coach.

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