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Judge Louis Freeh's Report Set To Be Released Thursday At 9 AM

Philadelphia, PA, July 10, 2012 – Judge Louis Freeh announced today that his report of the investigation into the facts and circumstances of the actions of The Pennsylvania State University surrounding the child abuse committed by a former employee, Gerald A. Sandusky, will be published online at 9 a.m. EDT on Thursday, July 12.

Judge Freeh will also hold a press conference for members of the media at 10 a.m. EDT on the same day to discuss the findings and recommendations in the report.

Judge Freeh and his law firm, Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP, were retained in November 2011 on behalf of the Special Investigations Task Force of the Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University to conduct the independent investigation.

The report will be available as a PDF file at The publication of the report will be the first time anyone outside of Judge Freeh’s investigative team will in any way receive the report, including The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees and the Special Investigations Task Force. With the exception of the interim recommendations made by Judge Freeh’s team in January 2012, this will also be the first time the full recommendations will be shared.

A live feed of the press conference will be available to the media through satellite broadcast detailed below. Additionally, a video replay of the press conference will be available to the general public later that day on the same website.