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Freeh Report Open Thread - Part One

I wish I didn't have to put "Part One" in the opening, but I have a feeling how today is going to go. This will be your lone spot (on this website) to discuss the Freeh Report. Any FanPosts/Shots that are put up about the Freeh Report, directly or tangentially will be removed. We're not going to have 25 discussions going on about the same or similar topics.

As always, the usual rules of decorum apply. We'll see how long they actually last. The BSD Posting Guidelines are pinned to the front page and can be found here. Draconian as it may sound, there will be a short leash for any comments, attitudes, and/or behaviors that merit action. We have zero interest in silencing voices, and very much want to see a good conversation about the report and its contents. However, we will not hesitate to quiet people that are counterproductive to what we're looking for here (which is a thorough fleshing out of the report). The waiting period to join BSD has been extended, so you shouldn't have to deal with people coming in solely to taunt and flame the board, unless they're already members. If you see something happening, let us know. Managers, editors, and staff members alike should be around for the duration of the day to keep watch. I wish it didn't have to be like that, but well, you get the idea.

You can obtain the report from the following link:

The report is set to be released at 9am, but it is also expected to be quite lengthy, so please digest it all before you come back here to comment.

Finally, this report will not dominate our front page coverage. It is a very important report, and we'll analyze it thoroughly, just like we hope you will. Once we've looked it over, we'll try to bring you some response and analysis. Since that likely won't happen within hours of the report's release, we plan to move on with the day around lunch time.

Thank you for maintaining civility today ([crosses fingers]), and never forget that We Are Penn State.

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