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Too Much Information: the Temple Edition

Temple Logo

[ed Note - if you followed us over at Linebacker-U this may be familiar to you, I updated stats and added a famous alumni but it hasn't changed much since the original. If you never read LB-U then congrats it's new. Either way.. enjoy!]

Continuing on with our bi-weekly look at the schools behind the teams behind the Penn State schedule we give you: Too Much Information. Today we take a look at the Temple Owls.

About the University

Temple University is a comprehensive public research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell. Temple University is one of Pennsylvania’s three public research universities, along with the University of Pittsburghand Penn State University. It is the 26th largest university in the United States and has over 400 sponsored programs. Temple has international campuses in Rome and Japan, the latter being the largest campus of any foreign university in Japan.

Conwell, a Yale-educated, Boston lawyer, and ordained Baptist minister, came to Philadelphia in 1882 to lead the Grace Baptist Church and began tutoring students, [–ed note:keep that in mind] in the basement of the church.

The school became known as Temple College in 1888, and became a fully accredited university in 1907. Similar to Penn State and Pitt, Temple is a state-related university, meaning it receives public funds and offers reduced tuition for Pennsylvania residents but is under independent control. Penn State differs slightly because it is also a land grant university as well. Basically state-related universities differ from state universities in that they get funds from the state but, to the chagrin of many bureaucrats, the state can’t tell the university what to do. Don’t we all wish we had a sweet deal like that?


Unlike some other universities that get their nickname from a sports reporter after years of existence [I'm looking in your direction Crimson Tide], Temple started out as the Owls. When Conwell was teaching students in the basement of the Baptist church in 1882, [–ed note: I told you to keep that in mind… did you? DID YOU!?] the students were nicknamed "night owls" because the classes were at night and owls are nocturnal animals. Conwell encouraged the nomenclature with the remark: "The owl of the night makes the eagle of the day." Temple was the first school in the United States to adopt the owl as its symbol.

Football related data

Last season: 9-4

After posting back-to-back winning seasons in 2009 and 2010 for the first time since 1978, the Temple Owls had a new leader in 2011. Al Golden bolted for the Miami job and on December 23, 2010, Steve Addazio became the Owls’ 25th head coach. The 2011 squad returned 19 starters to 13 positions.

This is the point where I would tell all Temple football fans (and children) to leave the room.


Are they gone? Good.

Temple has been playing organized football and basketball since 1894. While the Basketball team has had a lot of success, winning both the conference championship and the regular season championship 9 times, and making the NCAA’s on 19 occasions, the football team sssuuuuuuuuuckkkksss. The Owls have amassed a record of 416–544–53 which isn’t too bad but, despite all the years of football, they have no national championships, 1 conference title (2009 MAC Co-Champs), no Heisman winners, one All-American, and only 4 bowl appearances of which they won 2. Add to the mix the fact that legendary coach Glenn "Pop" Warner finished his last six seasons there, and it’s easy to see Temple’s history is pretty bad.

Famous Alumni

Temple doesn’t have a long list of really famous Alumni, of course we all know the one big one so...

Some famous Owls: Daryl Hall and John Oates of the band Hall & Oates (duh) went to Temple.

Comedian actor ah ok, television host Bob Saget was an Owl.

Kathryn Morris of Cold Case fame went to Temple:

Kunal Nayyar graduated from Temple. Yes Kunal Nayyar! Oh come on? Fine how about Raj from The Big Bang Theory. Not as impressive if it was… say Kaley Cuoco but if you aren’t watching The Big Bang Theory then shame on you. If you are a fan, you are now reading this in Raj's voice .

And finally.....

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