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Only PJ Byers Until Penn State Football 2012


Senior fullback P.J. Byers means it's only 45 days 'til the season opener against the Bobcats of Ohio University. Byers took a special route on the way to Happy Valley. After graduating from Penn Trafford High School in 2003, Byers joined the United States Navy in 2004 with the dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. Less than perfect eyesight derailed that dream, but Byers instead became a Navy Dive Specialist. While on assignment in Pearl Harbor, Byers learned how to perform underwater submarine repairs and demolition of explosives. Now, as an active duty member of the Navy's officer program and member of the Nittany Lion football team, Byers demolishes linebackers in order to clear a path for his tailbacks.

Good luck on the rest of your education, PJ. Thank you for your service.

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