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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready For September 1st

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Oh, hey look, a football pump-up video! Wait, what's football again?

All The Death Penalty News That's Fit To Print (or not). As usual, there is a large spread of thoughts on the Penn State death penalty scenario. Today, we bring you the USA Today saying that what the NCAA can actually do to Penn State is limited considering there really is no NCAA rule that Penn State broke, the NCAA president himself saying that Penn State is an unprecedented case but that he isn't ruling any punishment out, and Joe Nocera of the New York Times calling for the NCAA to throw the book at Penn State because a Division III school was punished for measly academic violations (which, ya know, are actually NCAA rules violations).

In the end, I think most sane people are aware that the death penalty would do nothing to punish Penn State more than it already has and will be punished in coming litigation. And I think the reverence to football alone at Penn State storyline has been way overblown. Yes, while football does help this town's economy thrive, if you show me a football supporter, I'll show you a THON supporter or an academic achievement supporter or any other supporter of the great things that happen in State College to match them.

Kids Say The Darndest Things. It's funny how a 20-year old kid can be more rational and make more sense than sportswriters like Rick Reilly and Sally Jenkins who get paid to write for a living. Over at my former abode Onward State, good friend Kevin Horne puts Joe Paterno's legacy into perspective by saying that when it comes to the coach, you have to take the good with the bad and that there is a middle ground we can all find when talking about Joe. It's the ultimate "he wasn't a saint, but he wasn't the spawn of Satan" article.

Fire Everyone. The Board of Trustees decided to forgo changing policies on oversight in 2004 because Graham Spanier and then-Board Chairwoman Cynthia Baldwin basically stonewalled the plan. Yep, fire everyone.

Oh Hey, That Football Thing I Was Talking About. Brian Bennett at the Big Ten blog gets the biggest LOL of SwH today with his ranking of the top quarterbacking UNITS in the Big Ten. Penn State ranks 12th out of 12.

12. Penn State: Call me an optimist, but I believe Matt McGloin will be more effective at quarterback now that he's got a more modern offensive system and peace of mind that he's the starter. Still, the Nittany Lions have earned the bottom spot in these rankings with poor performance at the position over the past couple of years. Rob Bolden has not capitalized on his opportunities, and fan favorite Paul Jones has not played a down in college. At least Penn State has nowhere to go but up.

Number 1 on that list is Purdue with three quarterbacks who have a total of 2.5 knees between them.

Tim Tolley over at VBR checked in with 2013 recruits to see how their commitment stood with death penalty rumors swirling and the whole nation still focused on Penn State football for all the wrong reasons. The answers, on a scale of 1-10, were 9s and 10s across the board. Not sure of what else to say other than these are the kids we need here at Penn State whether there is football or not.

Finally. Rick Reilly knew everything.

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