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Catching Up With Adam Breneman: On "IT", Rehab, and 'Catch The Cure'

Reprinted with permission from the Breneman family and photographer Samuel Getty.
Reprinted with permission from the Breneman family and photographer Samuel Getty.

In lieu of this week's Recruiting Roundup, we caught up with Cedar Cliff (Pa.) tight end and future Nittany Lion Adam Breneman. The talented young man, both on the field and off, has a lot going on in his life right now, and as always, he is staying focused and determined.

BSD: Welcome back, Adam. Let's jump right into it. Give me your thoughts about the ongoing scandal, and the unfathomable fallout in the Penn State community.

Adam Breneman: My opinion of Penn State has not necessarily changed. I'm apart of a new era at Penn State, and we're taking the mindset of moving forward. If there's football at Penn State, I'm playing at Penn State.

I've been contacted by other schools; there hasn't been too much negative stuff, but other schools have contacted me to say the offer is still there. Obviously, if there is no football at Penn State, I might have to look around.

Our recruiting class is really tight, no one has wavered at all. I sent a text to every commit, and everyone said the same thing - we're part of something big. The kids that we have are more than just football players.

More from Adam after the jump...

BSD: Recently, during a 7-on-7 event, you suffered a torn ACL, an injury that will keep you off the field for your senior season. How is rehab going, and how are you staying focused on football?

AB: I had surgery last Tuesday, but I feel good. I'm moving around, walking on the injury. Progression-wise, it's going to be slow, but I'm ready. I enjoy rehab, I enjoy working hard and thinking about the future. The goal is to be completely healthy by the spring.

I do therapy [near Cedar Cliff], but the therapist is working closely with the trainers and doctors at Penn State. We're working within the NCAA guidelines, but the hope is to play in the Penn State spring game.

BSD: As you may know, because of the injury, many recruiting services are going to move you down their lists. Does that make you determined to prove them all wrong? What else drives you to be the best you can be?

AB: Some kids say they don't care where they're ranked, but they're lying to you. It's so big that you can't ignore it. I'm aware that my rankings have been dropping, for whatever reason, but it just motivates me. I just think I'm the best tight end in the country. It may sound cocky, but it's just what i believe. I don't need to prove myself at the Nike Camp or The Opening. What matters is what you do on the field on Saturdays in front of 100,000 people. I'm going to prove myself as the best tight end in the country at Penn State.

BSD: OK, let's get to your latest undertaking, Catch The Cure. You started this charity in your home town of Cedar Cliff after ALS struck close to home, with a close family friend being diagnosed with the disease. What is it about this cause that moved you to take such actions?

AB: It's been tough for me, because I know his kids, and I watched him suffer from this. But it's great to see how positive he is; he has this mindset that he's going to win no matter what. I asked him, "What if you don't find a cure?" and he said "You've got it wrong, Adam. Winning is about living every day." And it's made me think about my injury and my life a little more. I plan to work with Project ALS in the future, as well.

BSD: You initially set a goal of $20K raised, but surpassed that in mere days. How high can you raise the bar? And is this something we'll see you pursue throughout your career?

AB: We're going to end donations on November 2nd, and any money we collect is going to be matched by Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get another company to match that.

We set a goal of $20K in two months, and we hit it in two days. So our new goal is $50K, and we're currently at $25K.

BSD: Thanks, Adam. And for all the readers, please head to Catch The Cure and donate today! And if you're in the line of work that Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company is in, give them a handshake and your business.

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