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Success With Hyperlinking Misses MRob

Before we venture into that dark territory revolving around that which must not be named, a few non-IT related stories.

Did someone say basketball? The Nittany Lion Basketball Blog continues its series of introductions to the new members of the basketball team with Brandon Taylor. Taylor, a power forward from New Jersey, committed to the Nittany Lions back in September, and looks to make an immediate impact on the court in blue and white.

On the other side of the Atlantic...There's this little event called the Olympics about to begin in London, and the Nittany Lions look to be well represented in sports as varied as fencing, shotput, and gymnastics.

Perhaps most unsurprising of all the sports Penn Staters are participating in is women's volleyball, a sport that the Nittany Lion have been nothing short of dominant in for four of the past five seasons. caught up with women's volleyball coach Russ Rose and got his thoughts on Megan Hodge and Christa Harmotto being selected to the Olympic squad, and Alisha Glass and Nicole Fawcett being chosen as back ups.

The article does a great job breaking down the resumes of the other members of the United States' squad, including former PSU foes Destinee Hooker and Faluke Akinradewo. Another tidbit I found especially interesting? Hodge and Harmotto will the the first Penn Staters to suit up for the women's volleyball national team.

I like football. That's still okay, right? continues its countdown of football teams for 2012, and PSU lands about where you'd expect: number 51.

When it comes to the Big Ten, it’s see PSU challenge either Ohio State or Wisconsin in the Leaders division. Just a few of the issues, beyond the new systems: quarterback play, the offensive line, depth at receiver and running back, the secondary and the return game, where the Nittany Lions will miss Chaz Powell. This isn’t a rebuilding year per se – not in the idea that PSU is going to drop off the map and win four games, for example. But in every way, this program is rebuilding: under a new coach, a new voice, new systems and, perhaps, a new outlook on the program’s place in the Penn State community. While the Nittany Lions get into bowl play, probably winning seven games, I can’t think of any reason to consider this team a major Big Ten contender in O’Brien’s debut season.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and I'm sure I'm not the only one): anywhere from four to ten wins this season wouldn't surprise me. And we have the potential to be in any discussion this year--good or bad.

It seems we (lucked?) into a pretty good one. Amidst all the turmoil this off season, O'Brien's been able to keep the team together and focused.

The revamped offseason strength and conditioning program to focus on more free weights and lifting instead of machines seems to have revitalized players, as has more competitive offseason drills. And O'Brien has instilled an open-door policy for his office, a little bit of a change from the old regime.

"It's still kind of feared (going in the office) because he's the head coach and there's no tolerance," cornerback Stephon Morris said. "Usually, back in the day, if you went to Joe's office, it was usually because he just wanted to talk to you or you did something bad.

"Now it's just like we're going in there and it doesn't have to be about anything. You can just go in there and say, 'Hey, what's up coach?'"

O'Brien looks to be putting his own stamp on the team and the program, which, at this stage, can only be a good thing. Here's looking forward to summer practice.

A list it's good to be on...unlike mine. Silas Redd is the latest Nittany Lion to be added to preseason watch lists, being watched for the Doak Walker award. The Walker award was the last major offensive award won by a Nittany Lion (sorry, AQ Shipley), awarded to Larry Johnson Jr. for his stellar 2002 season.

Links on the Elephant in the Room

Andy Staples actually makes sense when he calls for Penn State to follow the advice given by Nick Saban (and many other, lesser known people) on what sanctions the university should self-impose.

How would it look if, in the remotest of remote instances, Penn State was unable to play football this 2012 season? Not good for all of the other Big Ten teams, writes the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

The city of Grambling wants Joe Paterno's wins vacated so that Eddie Robinson is the all-time winningest coach. Because this whole scandal has lots to do with wins on the football field, right?

Tim over at VBR has a good analysis of all the arguments that have been thrown around for and against the implementation of the Death Penalty in Happy Valley.

A Missouri lawmaker, not surprisingly running for reelection, slams Gary Pinkel for his public support of Paterno the man during this week's SEC media days.

SBN's Land Grant Holy Land implores Big Ten fans to treat the visiting Penn State players and fans with class this season and seasons to come.

Lions Pride (they have a blog?) has a lengthy post about being in State College, and how we may attempt to move forward after this--and how those in the community did not, no matter what anonymous online posters may say, personally cover up for Sandusky's actions. I know, I'm surprised, too!

Our friends over at JPDH offer some really good solutions on how the University should express contrition.

Comcast Sports Net of the Bay Area asks that we all stop talking about the statue already, and focus on what's really important in all of this: ice cream. Just kidding, of course, it's the victims--the ones so many seem to be purposefully leaving out, not just in jest to make a point.

Who really is Vickey Triponey? Onward State goes beyond the much-spread "timeline of terror" and her now-public clashes with the athletic department.

Lastly, somewhat off topic but really only broached because of the scandal enveloping State College these last eight months, the Big Ten is mulling over a proposal that would give the commissioner of the conference the power to impact the firing of coaches whose actions impact the conference. Jim Delaney, the next Goodell? In his dreams. Probably quite literally.

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