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Success With Hyperlinking Is Trying to Get Pumped Up Again

Penn State Pump Up Video - We Will Rise (via MrHeyNowHey) *Actual pump-upedness may vary

Opening the Wallet- Penn State will need to pony up upwards of $73 million between the fines by the NCAA and Big Ten. Thankfully, these funds will help go towards charities that work to aid victims of sexual abuse, which are typically woefully underfunded. The Collegian estimates that the repercussions of the Sandusky case will end up costing Penn State approximately $500 million. Don't be surprised if that milestone gets surpassed sooner than later.

Stop Me if this Sounds Familiar- A small, somewhat isolated city is torn apart after numerous allegations of sexual assault go nowhere, leading authorities and several local media members to believe that these horrific crimes are being overlooked because of the assailant's connection with the town's popular football team. Eventually, the head football coach and athletic director are relieved of their duties despite leading the athletic department to unprecedented success. Sadly, these types of stories seem to be more common than anyone could imagine.

BOB Being BOB- Bill O'Brien spoke up quickly after the sanctions came down on dear old State, and reminded us again why so many Penn State fans are firmly on Team Bobsled. Speaking of not going anywhere, Adam Breneman remains committed to Penn State despite the possibility of never playing a postseason game in his collegiate career.

Oh Yes He Did- Most coaches that have taken part in their conference's media days have been asked to comment about the sanctions levied against Penn State. NC State Head Coach Tom O'Brien was not shy in admitting that he thought the NCAA royally screwed the pooch with its decision.

Time to Move On- I was fortunate to meet former Paternoville President John Teece last season in the days leading to the Illiinois game. Teece is one of those passionate and bright people that help make Penn State such a special place. He put down his thoughts on how we can do our part to help the community move on and leave the world a much better place than we found it.

Who Needs Real Change? Sadly, people on both sides of the fence decided to argue back-and-forth about symbols and legacies rather than work to make actual structural changes that could help child sexual abuse victims. While others were coming up with ideas for new statues to replace the Paterno statue or discussing changes to football uniforms, our very own misdreavus79 was offering some helpful information on how to be part of the solution.