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UPDATED: Penn State Players Reaffirm Commitment; Redd Noticeably Absent

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via @PennStateFball

Today at about 9:30 on the Holuba Hall practice field, an estimated 30 Penn State football players stood together to reaffirm their commitment to the program. The one figure everyone was looking for--star running back Silas Redd--did not appear for the group statement.

Before the Penn State nation takes a collective jump off the bridge, it was entirely possible that Redd was missing from the event due to his traveling west for the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago, which start tomorrow. At last check, only one of the three team reps for the media days--John Urschel--was confirmed to be there. However, the third team rep--Jordan Hill--was not confirmed to have attended.

As I'm typing this, Bill O'Brien is on ESPN2/ESPN Radio talking with Mike & Mike. O'Brien said he can't say whether every single player will stay, but the core of the team is on board.

Just before I was going to hit publish on this post, O'Brien also mentioned that not all opposing coaches who want to recruit Penn State players during this process, have not given him the courtesy of calling him first. Your guess on who those shady coaches might be.

Seems like grabbing at threads right now, but with details still coming out, stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE 1 (9:53 A.M.) - Jeff Rice tweeted that Redd missed the event because he is in fact on his way to Chicago for the Big Ten Media Days. Whether or not that means he's staying for good remains to be seen. But it's a positive sign.

UPDATE 2 (12:54 P.M.) - According to a report, no Penn State players will be attending the Big Ten Media Days.

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