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Opposing Coaches Outside Penn State Players' Apartments

Two Penn State football players have confirmed via Twitter that opposing coaches have already begun arriving in State College to court members of the current roster, even players that have already reaffirmed their commitment to play for the team this fall.

Yes, the tweets are essentially copied from one another. But the fact that Penn State has been overrun by recruiters for other programs sends a clear and dangerous message about the "culture" of college football. The NCAA claimed its intention was to curb the spread of "football-first" or "football over academics" that's run rampant throughout the sport since before many of us were born. Today's actions by these coaches and the "college football free agency" it's created prove that the NCAA grossly misunderstood what the real problem was, and which parties were responsible for it.

Mark Emmert and the NCAA have not crushed or helped curb the wrongs in this sport. They have done the exact opposite.

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