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Only Matt Millen until Penn State Football 2012

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You know how bad Matt Millen was as an NFL General Manager? Well, picture the opposite of that, and that's how good he was as a player, both at the collegiate and professional level. Versatility was the name of Millen's game: at Penn State, he played all over the front seven, starting out at linebacker before eventually moving to defensive tackle. But whatever role he was asked to fill, Millen succeeded; from a 52-tackle, 3-sack, 3-interception true freshman campaign to a dominant junior season, where his 9 sacks, 13 TFL, and 56 tackles earned Millen an All-America nod, and through a injury-plagued senior season, when Millen, despite confrontations with Joe Paterno, was named a team captain.

A dominant pass rusher when the forward pass was just starting to dominate offensive gameplans, Millen left Penn State as the all-time leader in career sacks and 2nd in TFL--he now ranks 5th and 10th in those categories, respectively. He was drafted in the second round by Oakland, and won 4 Super Bowls, in addition to some impressive individual achievements--one Pro-Bowl and two All-Pro seasons.

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