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Khamrone Kolb Transferring to Fordham

Lions247 has the scoop:

"He called me and let me know that he was not real happy with what was going on there, and he had gotten his release from Coach O'Brien and he wanted to go to a different school," said Lake Braddock assistant coach Steve Price, who facilitated the transfer. "It came down to like four schools, he had seven to 10 offers right away, and it was between Coastal Carolina, Delaware, Fordham and Liberty. He decided on Fordham."


I think that Coach O'Brien had talked to him and he was straightforward with him," said Price. "He didn't think that there was a lot of playing time there. KK wants to play, he has three years of eligibility left, so he decided to transfer to a I-AA school.

Kolb, a rising redshirt sophomore, hadn't made much of an impact in his first two years, seeing only scant playing time in last year's game against Eastern Michigan. Kolb's future at Penn State had been in question since the spring, when his name did not appear on the preliminary depth chart--though he did receive significant exposure in the Blue-White Game. Still, rumors had swirled about his impending departure for weeks, and now, it's official.

If he stayed on the team, he'd likely have been slotted in as a third-team guard, behind the likes of Eric Shrive, Angelo Mangiro, and Anthony Alosi. It makes sense to try and head somewhere he'll be able to crack the lineup, and Fordham's a great school in a great city, where Kolb has some family.

Losing a player is always a disappointment, but at least the offensive line is a position of relative depth--and of youth--for Penn State. If this had been another defensive back bolting from the program, we'd have reason to panic. Instead, we'll just wish Khamrone all the best at Fordham, and wonder which 2013 recruit this opens up a scholarship for.

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